The Slovak Psychological Society

The Slovak Psychological Society (SPS) is a professional association of Slovak psychologists. Registered as a Civil Association it is affiliated with the Slovak Academy of Sciences and strives to promote and support psychology as a science, as a practical discipline and as a profession. At the same time it aims to develop and utilize psychological knowledge within our society.

Members of the SPS steering committee are elected in General Meetings. The current members are listed in the section Výbor on this website.

In case of any questions regarding the Slovak Psychological Society please contact Lubomira Stankova, member of the steering committee and the PR officer: lubomira_stankova (at)

Kalendár akcií

13th European Conference on Psychological Assessment (ECPA13)
22. - 25.07.2015
Miesto konania:
University of Zurich, Switzerland
Department of Psychology University of Zurich, Switzerland
9th World Psychotherapy Conference Asia 2015
Mystery, Uncertainty, Growth & Psychotherapy
30.08. - 02.09.2015
Miesto konania:
Riverside Majestic Hotel, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
29th Conference of the European Health Psychology Society
Principles of Behaviour Change in Health & Illness
01. - 05.09.2015
Miesto konania:
Limassol, Cyprus
European Health Psychology Society (EHPS)
33. Psychologické dni
Rozhodovanie v živote človeka
03. - 04.09.2015
Miesto konania:
Hotel Magnólia, Piešany
Slovenská psychologická spoločnos
2. Deň existenciálnej analýzy a logoterapie
„Dnešná doba a strach“
Miesto konania:
Drotárska cesta 48, Bratislava
Spoločnos pre logoterapiu a existenciálnu analýzu (SLEA)
Cyberspace 2015
27. - 28.11.2015
Miesto konania:
XIIIth international conference organized by the Institute of Law and Technology, Faculty of Law in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University and the European Academy of ICT Law
II. Komunitná psychológia na Slovensku
spojená s workshopom venovaným komunitnej psychológii
30.11. - 01.12.2015
Miesto konania:
FSEV, Mlynské luhy 4, Bratislava
Ústav aplikovanej psychológie FSEV UK
XV. Kvalitatívny prístup a metódy vo vedách o človeku
Pätnás rokov kvality? Kritický pohžad na stav kvalitatívneho výskumu
01. - 02.02.2016
Miesto konania:
Fakulta sociálnych a ekonomických vied UK, Bratislava
Ústav výskumu sociálnej komunikácie SAV
6th Asian Congress of Health Psychology
Health Research & Practice from Asia
23. - 24.07.2016
Miesto konania:
Jokohama, Japonsko
Asian Society of Health Psychology
31st International Congress of Psychology (ICP)
Diversity in Harmony: Insights from Psychology
24. - 29.07.2016
Miesto konania:
Jokohama, Japonsko
Japanese Psychological Association